Call For Paper

Image video analysis 
Image-based modeling 
Stereo and Structure from motion 
Feature extraction, grouping and segmentation 
Scene analysis 
Object recognition 
Learning and Statistical methods 
Human-computer interaction 
Tracking and surveillance 
Biometrics; Vision for robots 
Activity/behavior recognition 
Medical Image Analysis 
Face and Gesture
Image processing 
Image based rendering
Image Based Rendering
Software Tools for Imaging
Image Generation, Acquisition, and Processing
Image-based Modeling and Algorithms
Image Geometry and Multi-view Geometry
3D Imaging
Image Data Structures and Databases
Multi-resolution Imaging Techniques
Novel Image Processing Applications
Virtualization platforms
Virtualization-aware storage
Big Data Visualization
Principles of virtualization
Virtualization in data intensive computing and Big Data processing
Open virtualization format
Virtualization-aware networking
Applications as pre-packaged virtual machines
Potential of Virtualization
Virtualization Management Futures
Virtualization supporting cloud computing