Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to


Image video analysis 
Virtualization platforms
Image-based modeling
Virtualization-aware storage
Stereo and Structure from motion 
Big Data Visualization
Feature extraction, grouping and segmentation 
Principles of virtualization
Scene analysis 
Virtualization in data intensive computing and Big Data processing
Object recognition 
Open virtualization format
Learning and Statistical methods 
Virtualization-aware networking
Human-computer interaction 
Applications as pre-packaged virtual machines
Tracking and surveillance 
Potential of Virtualization
Virtualization Management Futures
Activity/behavior recognition 
Virtualization supporting cloud computing
Vision for robots 
Medical Image Analysis 
Face and Gesture 
Image processing 
Image based rendering
Image Based Rendering
Software Tools for Imaging
Image Generation, Acquisition, and Processing
Image-based Modeling and Algorithms
Image Geometry and Multi-view Geometry
3D Imaging
Image Data Structures and Databases
Multi-resolution Imaging Techniques
Novel Image Processing Applications



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